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"Coal Mining in West Virginia: Then and Now"

The National Coal Heritage Area offers a traveling historical diorama detailing the historical changes in the mining industry in West Virginia. “Coal Mining in West Virginia: Then and Now" demonstrates the progression of mining technology from the early hand-loading days to the modern machine era. An illustrated timeline traces the development of underground and surface mining from the 1850s to the present. A scenic diorama contrasts underground mining processes from the early 1900s with the massive earth-moving equipment used today in surface mining.

The purpose of this display is to give students and the general public a better understanding of how coal mining has changed through the years. In particular how the sheer scale of mining has grown. This exhibit shows models of mining techniques as well as historical information and photographs.

The exhibit contains three panels as well as a kiosk in the middle that accommodates artifact boxes and a display. It is approximately 100 square feet, but can be adjusted to fit different spaces. The exhibit is suitable for a lobby or any open area. The exhibit is intended to be traveling exhibit and is available for use in various venues throughout the National Coal Heritage Area and along the Coal Heritage Trail.

An initiative of Congressman Nick Rahall, the mission of the CHHA and NCHA is to preserve, protect, and interpret historic, cultural and natural resources associated with West Virginia’s coal mining heritage to help stimulate tourism and economic development, thereby enhancing the quality of life for the region’s residents. This privilege allows us to tell the story of coal mining as well as the culture of southern West Virginia. Exhibits are used as tools that allow us to share that story with tourists as well as local residents and students.

There is no charge for the use of this display. For more information contact Linda Hawkins at 304-465-3720 or
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